Welcome to Massage and Sensory Education

I'd like to tell you about my unique Massage practice, and about the variety of Sensory Education experiences for
health care providers (including bodyworkers), parents, educators and people recovering from trauma.



         There are a many massage and bodywork styles.    
         The ones I use help with aches and pains, are usually relaxing and feel good.  
Unless you have a preference for one style, I usually integrate them as needed during the session.
It's my goal to help you experience just the right massage for you, so, at your first session I'll invite you to discuss your health history,  your sense of wellbeing, and
how can I help you during the massage?
What to expect

During the session you will be encouraged to give feedback as needed to

        •   keep the work in your comfort range
        •   enhance relaxation
        •   integrate the work so you can "take the session home"

Cranial Sacral and Trauma Touch Therapy™  are usually done through clothing, so please bring or wear soft, loose clothes.
For massage, you may choose how much - if any - clothing to remove.  The quality of massage improves when you make the most comfortable choice for yourself.
Massage cupping is done directly on skin in the areas needing attention.
You'll have privacy to change clothes.

Trauma Touch Therapy does not involve touch for the first few sessions.
Initial consultation is free.
Trauma Touch clients contract for 10 sessions that create a container for the process to unfold.  You may contract for more sessions, as needed, and stop whenever you're ready.


Sensory Education

Trauma Touch Therapy™

TTT™  is a body-centered approach for people who are recovering from

•   Overwhelming life events
•   Compassion Fatigue (secondary traumatic stress)
•   life that feels too busy


Classes and trainings

Exploring Your Senses

makes parenting and teaching
more relaxed and fun. (for parents & educators)

Return to Your Senses

Trainings for health care providers (including bodyworkers) who work with people who have trauma histories.

Seated Upper Body Massage

A few hours of relaxed giving and receiving