My skills include many styles of body work that I can integrate into your session

headmassageCranial Sacral Massage is gentle contact

  • to help unwind connective tissue (fascia) in the head and spine
  • to release constrictions that obstruct spinal fluid  
  • to re-balance the nervous system

Myofascial massage is gentle contact that unwinds connective tissue (fascia) throughout the body.

  • Muscle tension softens
  • Breathing and heart rate often slow
  • Digestion and other vital functions often improve

Liberating soft tissue throughout the body helps many clients

  • connect with sensory information
  • connect with deeper feeling states
  • enjoy a sense of calm

Trauma Touch Therapy™ helps clients dislodge impacts of  emotional and/or physical trauma.
Trauma touch therapy™ focuses attention on sensations as they are experienced in the body.
This approach keeps people grounded in present time and minimizes re-living the past.
The work consists of 10 sessions, which you may choose to extend, as needed.

Return to Your Senses Handbook contains simple exercises and explanations that support Trauma Touch Therapy™.  A FREE pdf. is available to anyone on request.

FREE Return to Your Senses  pdf upon request


Massage Cupping with modern massage suction cup 

  • massage cupping
    • gently lifts constricted tissue

    • softens tense, knotted muscles
    • eases chronic muscle and skeletal pain
    • unplugs congested lymph nodes
    • reduces pain and swelling
    • releases natural pain relieving agents